A design tool that helps designers collaborate with developers—without writing code.

Today, almost all of our design tools are optimised for illustration. Even the most powerful UI design tools are just drawing tools that export disposable assets.

Design teams and development teams are working on two separate versions of the same thing. One is the actual product and the other is a set of disposable imitations. A lot of work is being done twice. This is a massive time sink costing companies millions of $$$ every year.

The reason we are all working on product imitations, is that to work on the actual product, you must be able to write code—and code is not easy to write.

The thing is, many designers already understand the concepts behind code. Style properties, document flow (nested groups), variables (global styles), components and versioning are all features which already exist inside our current design tools.

Understanding code is not the problem. Typing it is the problem.

Modulz is a GUI layer that sits on exactly the same code that developers write, but surfaces only the parts which concern designers. The code is presented in a simple, intuitive, beautiful UI. Designers can make their changes, visually, then send it back to the developers.

Ultimately, I want to help fix the disconnect between design and development.

I want to help reduce bottlenecks by empowering designers, illustrators, content strategists, customer support, marketing and everyone working on a product to deploy their own work to production using the same channels that developers use. Without any help. We need to get everyone working on the *same* product. Together.

I want to help build a more inclusive web by automating and encouraging accessibility.

For decades, text editors have sat on top of code as an interface layer that only specialists can understand. Modulz will sit on top of that same code — except Modulz will be a simple, accessible, easy-to-use tool.

A tool for everyone.

Colm Tuite

I’m Colm —a product designer from Dublin, Ireland. I’ve spent the past decade working in the tech industry.

For the past four years, I’ve been working in the design tooling space, specifically. In 2014, I founded Plexi (another design tool), which was acquired by Marvel.

You can find me posting about design tools, design systems and CSS among other things on Medium, Twitter, Dribbble, Quora and my personal website.

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