Ready-made, customizable, HTML landing page sections.

"Modulz looks slick! This is going to connect with a lot of people."

Aarron Walter, MailChimp UX

"Finally, a way to quickly build good-looking landing pages without the hassle."

Visual Idiot, Designer

"Looking to build a beautiful marketing site in 5 mins? You need Modulz."

Marco Kramer, Developer

"Modulz is Bootstrap for landing pages. Finally, I can design beautiful sites for my products."

Paul Black, Developer

"I've used similar products before but Modulz is so much better looking."

Ashley Barr, Developer

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Flat Skeuo

Design Styles

Choose between phlat or skeuo design styles.

Different projects call for different styles. Some designs call for a flat design style while others demand a skeuomorphic design style. Modulz lets you be the boss and choose which suits.

Blue Green

Color Schemes

Choose between two beautifully designed color schemes.

Fed up with all your websites looking the same? Not sure which colors work well together? Fret not, Modulz got yo’ back! We have two beautifully matched color schemes to choose from.

Boatloads of awesome

Got a favorite buzzword? Modulz supports it.

Mobile First

All modulz are built mobile-first for maximum device compatibility.


Fluid width, breakpoints, collapsible menus and more, right out of the box.

Icon Font

Modulz ships with over 250 hand-crafted icons from Entypo.

Fluid Typography

On different screen sizes, fonts automagically scale with the viewport.


Support for IE8, mobile and tablet devices, screenreaders and color blind.


Feeling creative? Modulz has super cool customization tools for you.

Build a beautiful marketing site for your startup in minutes.

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